iTunaFish is the star software of our company BIGDATABP Soluciones Empresariales S.L.

iTunaFish is an ERP software that includes a set of modules, fully integrated into the system, which allow the integral management of all the necessary processes in the daily workload of any business in the Fishing and Frozen sector.

The power of adaptation of iTunaFish to the size of any company is one of the main characteristics of our software, thus allowing you to adapt to the changes and growth of your business.

iTunaFish has a robust permission system enabling it  to adjust the application according to the different user profiles accessing it, assigning permissions depending on the department in which you work,job position within the company etc. It contemplates the entire process of product handling, and can configure the processes depending on the particularities of the business.

Being an ERP software allows the complete management of all the resources within the company, controlling stocks, product traceability, warehouses, treasury, etc …

It also includes an advanced system to help decision making in real time, customizable and which can be used as the home screen of the application so that the information will be available every time you use iTunaFish.

Avoiding very high Total Cost of Ownership (TCO ), as well as unclear, sophisticated licensing systems in addition to recurrent maintenance costs.

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