We know the importance of logistics management for companies today, and aware of how many cases of business successes are based on good supply chain management.

iTunafish can meet the needs of the most demanding companies. Without forgetting that we are software developers, we are open to improving our ERP with any suggestions.

Here’s what our seafood distribution software has to offer.

Carrier Management

Control and management of all data relating to carriers working with the company.

Management of all routes made by the carrier, including the preferential time schedules to be carried out.

Management of the vehicles and trailers that you own.

Management of the certifications that the carrier has, controlling the expiry dates and issuing notices to users in advance before expiry.

It allows you to enter cost scales to enable automatic calculation of the transport price.

  1. Route management:

Management of possible routes and preferred schedules for delivery to customers.

Control of truck loading to avoid overload and balance deliveries between the different routes and trucks available.

  1. Logistics platforms:
    • Control of the delivery in the logistics platforms generating the necessary documentation for the carrier.
  2. Control and verification of truck load weights.
    • Validation of the delivery notes of stock included in the truck load at the time of loading.
    • Issuance of cargo orders for the documentation that the driver needs to carry.
  3. Listings and labels.
    • Generation of the necessary lists for the control of payments to carriers.
    • Generation of the relevant documentation to be carried by the drivers.
    • Issuance of logistics labels following the GS-1 standard.

And many more things that we can explain in detail if you get in touch with us.

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