Our company philosophy is to work together to help you grow as a company, optimizing all the current processes of your business and becoming more competitive nationally and internationally.

bigdataBP was born out of that philosophy, that of helping companies in the fisheries and frozen fish sector  that needed more efficiency in their management programs.

Thanks to the synergy with our clients we have been able to grow as a company and stand out in the specific and exclusive sector  of the fishing industry.

At present, we have the confidence of customers who are a national and international benchmark in the capture, processing and marketing of bluefin tuna from Spanish traps.

If you are thinking of acquiring or changing your MANAGEMENT ERP Software , continue reading this article where we explain why it is so necessary to have an ERP software like our iTunaFish specialized in the fisheries and frozen fish sector .

As we know, the acronym ERP refers to Enterprise Resource Planning and it is a computer program capable of generating reports from the most important data of a company such as production, traceability of its products, inventories, etc.

We currently compete in a global world where decision-making must be based on real data and updated at the click of a button to ensure success. If we do not have tools that offer us this information, we will be at a clear disadvantage against our competitors.

What does erp iTunaFish offer you?

  • We are a trusted software provider, our customers are market leaders and we have years of experience behind us.
  • Our software is designed exclusively for the fisheries and frozen fish sector (shipowners, fishing industry, canning factories, smoked, salted …).
  • 100% adaptation to the requirements of the company without having to pay for underused functionalities, will help you to have a program that is easier to use.
  • Starting from a base platform, the new functionalities required and adjusted to the growth of your company will be incorporated.
  • The security and privacy of your data. It is one of our main priorities and we assure entirely with both confidentiality and security clauses for software, network and data to guarantee peace of mind.
  • Secure technology with data distribution across servers and locations with frequent backups so you never suffer a large information loss.
  • Cloud Computing or server. We offer you cloud storage (where you will not have to make an initial investment in servers, but usually monthly fees) or manage it internally.
  • Avoid information islands. With our ERP you can connect with the other information technologies of your company.


Why iTunaFish gives you great advantages…

  1. Increase sales, for example, by increasing the trust of your customers through the traceability module.
  2. Improve work productivity .
  3. Increase your competitiveness by having specialized software.
  4. Assist in decision making .
  5. Save time and money.
  6. Improve the internal communication of the company by unifying all departments, processes and resources in a single program. If you need to consult any data from other departments it can be done easily (with previous authorization)
  7. More easily manage sales spikes in certain seasons
  8. Concentrate more time on daily activities of the business, its growth and improvement.
  9. Save costs thanks to its multifunctionality,
  10. Optimize all business processes regardless of size, activity or turnover within the fishing sector since our Management Software adapts to any need presented by your company
  11. Being all digitalized, avoids the problem of continuously performing calculations such as how many units in stock are available for sale, knowing all the costs associated with a certain product and many more features.

In short, ERP iTunaFish for the fisheries and frozen fish sector provides control, supervision and automation tools that help improve productivity, decision making, internal communication and cost savings for the company.

If you want a demo, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to show you everything that our Software for the fishing sector can bring to your business.

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