More and more companies are betting on automation and standardization because without a doubt, they are two processes that provide great benefits, with the reduction in time and cost being the most significant.

But what is an EDI system?

  • EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange.
  • EDI System is a technology that allows you to automatically integrate all the commercial documents of a business or company with its partners.
  • By automating transactions that were previously done on paper, companies can save time and eliminate human errors that are so costly to the business.
  • Documents such as purchase orders, delivery notes, invoices, quotes, loan applications, etc., are exchanged as commercial messages to the different intermediaries (customers, suppliers, logistics operators, etc.) by secure communication networks and with a common programming language saving costs, time and errors of manual processing.

What benefits can an EDI System bring me?

  • Up to 80% reduction in human errors in procedures, if you implement software with this technology
  • The EDI System avoids delays in receiving invoices from your suppliers because you receive them automatically
  • By executing more efficient transactions, your logistics operators will reduce delays in deliveries
  • Currently, large supermarkets and stores use the EDI system with electronic invoicing that allows the sending and receiving of large volumes of invoices adapted to the legislation in force at all times. Therefore, if you want to sell to large supermarkets and hypermarkets it´s necessary to have this technology in your company.

Whether your company is small, medium or large, we can offer you a solution adaptable to your needs quickly and effectively, regardless of your size.

In short, the EDI System allows you to process more documents in less time, with greater precision, collect data, improve the visibility of it and subsequent analysis, facilitating decision making.

If you want a demo of our program to implement it in your business or you wish  to change your software provider, do not hesitate to contact us and we will explain all of the advantages.

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